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Palm Sugar is a low GI (GI=41) sugar, made from the sap of a palm tree. It provides 23 natural minerals and vitamins. It is a natural low-calorie sugar with no additives or artificial components.


  • Low GI, better for diabetics, weight loss
  • Effective against cough and cold, just like honey
  • Good for pregnant women to avoid overweight gain and diabetes
  • Rich in Iron and Calcium
  • Good Source of Thiamine, Riboflavin, Nicotinic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Protein, Vitamin C
Sr. No. Cane Sugar Palm Sugar
1 Cane Sugar is Sweet Palm Sugar is sweet and delicious
2 Provides no mineral salts Provides mineral salts too
3 It has more sugar content It has less sugar content
4 It has less/no nutrition value It contains:

a) Thiamine
b) Riboflavin
c) Nicotinic Acid
d) Ascorbic Acid
e) Protein
f) Vitamin C
5 It is less therapeutic value It is good to the problems of

a) Asthmatic
b) Anemic
c) Leprosy
d) To accelerate growth of young children
6 Cane sugar sometimes create ill effects on the health Palm sugar solution proves a wonderful food in both early stages and chronic stages of Typhoid
7 It creates cough and cold when consumed in high quantity It is good remedy for cough and cold
8 It treats no health problem It treats following diseases

a) reduction of BP
b) To decrease pancreas heat
c) To strengthen heart
d) Helps to build up strong teeth
e) Reduces pita
9 It is treated as sweet water It is treated as honey